Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another Meme

A meme, the last resort of the malingering blogger

Accent – West Yorkshire with a hint of Kiwi
Booze of choice – Steinlager,Chardonnay,Vodka
Chore I hate – Laundry
Dog or cat – anything with fries
Essential electronics – PC, Roland Hard Disk recorder
Favorite perfume(s)/Colognes - Cacharel pour L'homme
Gold or Silver? - Silver.
Hometown – Where I'm from originally, Morley, West Yorks, UK.
Insomnia? – Yes
Job Title – Key Account Support Executive ( WTF ?)
Kids? - One 11 year old girl,One 7 year old boy
Living Arrangement –On my own.
Most admired trait – Sense of humor.
Number of Sexual Partners – They know who they are
Taken or single – Unavailable
Overnight Hospital Stays – When Caits was born
Phobia – none
Religion – undecided
Siblings – One younger brother
Time I wake up – 06.00 AM.
Unusual talent/skill – Not one damn thing.
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Taro
Worst habit – Procrastination

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