Monday, August 14, 2006


Once again the UK comes close to more tragedy with the uncovering of another bomb plot involving aircraft. I would not like to be traveling to the UK or USA right now.

Of course this causes delays with all my freight inbound & outbound as security tightens & goods are inspected more closely. This does not cheer my clients up,they whinge & whine about delays. I have to firmly remind them that lives are more important than the transit of spare parts or novelty gifts.

Other items that caught my attention over the weekend, was the bleating ex pop star
“ Boy “ George complaining about having to do community service. I’m sorry but if you break the law you can expect consequences. What makes him think that he doesn’t have to face up to his actions & accept his punishment ? Oh of course he’s a has been celebrity I forgot that.

The children wreaked havoc at my place this weekend, my floor was a wreckage of Lego, felt tips, paper, homework etc etc. It is gonna take me all week to recover, hopefully for the Final Tri Nations test against Australia this weekend. If we win we are top of the table again with just two games against the Boks in South Africa to play. I predict another boozy Saturday night on the horizon.

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Anonymous said...

On reading your blog would like to comment on flying in the UK after the alerts . I went from Manchester to Gatwick on the day they relaxed the hand baggage regulations (14/08/06) & I think I am what they call a drug smuggler . I stood in a queue to go through domestic flights , showed my passport ( dodgy photo & all ) , put my lighter in the bin , took off my shoes to go through the scanner , got body searched on the other side while my handbag & phone charger were taken to bits , only to discover that actually no-one gave a crap - my Nurofen went un-noticed. The things a girl does to spend a couple of days with Phil Kutar !!!!