Monday, August 28, 2006


Well back from a weeks vacation to approximately 600 e-mails. It is good to be in demand. I spent the week with my children doing things I don’t normally get to do, such as picking them up from school or taking my son to his martial arts class.
The week did fly by & although I sat in my studio trying to finish work, I got distracted too easily. So the songs are still on the hard drive awaiting completion, not that I am concerned, they will keep.

The AB’s beat the Boks soundly at the weekend, one more Test & we can be again crowned tri Nations Champions…In other news it was great to hear that Kiwi Olaf Wiig was released in Palestine, we had all been hoping this was not going to end badly.
Our rowers did good at the World championships but our basket ball team the Tall Ferns were woe full in their World championships. I discovered that a 107 year old Chinese woman was given a pacemaker, that UK farmers believe that their cows have regional accents & we all had a good old fashioned Non PC ogle at the parade of topless porn stars in downtown Auckland. I closed my eyes…promise.

Been listening to

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Weather Report
John Coltrane
The Killers
The Clash
Greg Johnson

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