Monday, July 24, 2006


The weekend of my sons birthday has now passed. It is hard to believe that Josh has now arrived at age 07. My weekend was spent hanging around the house as I had no real need to be anywhere apart from in front of the TV for the test match on Saturday evening.

I did start to mess around with a musical idea involving cutting up & looping dialogue captured at random from the TV. I moved this on to my Acid software preparing endless loops & then went for a walk to catch a few natural sounds to add to the mix.

Not sure where this will lead to, as the sound of voices are cut in such a way that they provide arhythmn instead of any coherent message. Maybe it works on a subliminal level.
For the moment is has been an interesting exercise just experimenting.
Going back to the days when I first got my current set up.
In order to understand the software, I produced sixty,one minute pieces.
There were some recognizable melodys, ambient music & loops of found sounds.
It was good fun, literally just messing with the process & recording as quickly as possible, ignoring the concept of production. Even now it provides an arresting listening experience, I love the idea that it is just there for the hell of it.

Looking forward to a busy week with the arrival of the monsters at the weekend. No idea what we will be doing but it will be fun that I do know.

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