Monday, June 19, 2006


Well it feels this week as if winter is upon us big time. Last week a cold snap brought snow & chaos to the South Island. The fall of snow was so heavy power cables are down all over Canterbury, leaving some people in remote area’s without power during some of the coldest days of the year.

In Auckland an accident at the Otahuhu Sub station caused a power failure in central, Eastern & Southern Auckland. Some companies had to close for the day & for a while it felt like living in the third world. Here at work it was OK as we have a power generator. The power was not restored for some users until the next day.

At the weekend the All Blacks dispatched Ireland in their second test of the season & are now in Argentina for the last test before the serious work of retaining the Tri Nations & Bledisloe Cup begins.
Talking of competitions my son attended his first Kempo match on Sunday, whilst failing to gain any honours he did perform very well & more importantly wants to do it again.

The children spent the weekend writing & recording a song for themselves, although still very much a work in progress I was surprised & a little impressed with their idea’s, interesting to watch their thought processes at work.

Meanwhile I am still listening to my 2 new tracks…..

Cold Snap City & Red Hot Dot Com


Radmila said...

This may be so ignorant of me, but snow is Australia?
Who knew?

birdwoman said...

Snow in June. I just can't wrap my head around that one. I def. have a northern hemisphere state of mind.