Sunday, February 19, 2006


Sorry for not updating so far this month, but I have had a good reason to be distracted away from my blog.

My parents arrived for an eight week stay at the start of February, so I have spent a lot of time catching up & entertaining. It has been great to see them but I was not prepared for how pale & white they were! Then of course they had arrived in to NZ from the depths of an English winter.

Hopefully eight weeks of New Zealand sunshine should toast them very nicely.

Caits has begun her term at Glen Eden School & looks quite sweet in her school uniform, she seems to be enjoying herself but as the term has just begun we will wait & see.

As for me, well this weekend there is a free concert in the Three Kings Reserve featuring Pluto & The Feelers among others. This is part of Auckland’s free summer music programme & that is where I will be.