Thursday, January 19, 2006


Back to work after a summer break with the children. The thing that is hard to get used to in New Zealand is that the entire country seems to close for 4 weeks around Xmas. Most people do not return to work after Dec 24 until Jan 16.

I just spent the past week watching Caits & Josh improve their swimming skills in a School Holiday programme. This involves a lesson everyday for 10 days.
The weather has been great with only one day of rain yesterday & yes the kids went to their lesson in the outdoor pool at Glen Eden School.

My colleague A is away also at the moment, she has a sign on her monitor which states PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM THIS DESK I personally see this as a challenge; So with the help of the team we have removed EVERYTHING from her desk & stored it away awaiting her return. Moments like this alleviate the silence of the telephones & the absence of clients....

Listening to
Franz Ferdinand
The White Stripes
Peter Tosh


Michael said...

I like the literal humor. You did not remove ANYTHING you removed EVERYTHING.

Take Care

Radmila said...

Peter Tosh...Legalize it...don't criticize it...legalize it..