Sunday, January 08, 2006


I am taking my daughter to see Boh Runga at this years Auckland Zoo outdoor concerts. Boh is the talented sister of Bic Runga & lead singer in Stellar*. It will be my daughters first ever gig & I hope she enjoys it.

Which of course got me thinking about my favourite gigs, The first one I ever went to was to see The Andy Fraser Band at Leeds town hall. The band was led by the ex Free bassist. It was unusual as there was no electric guitar in the line up ! Andy played all the lead lines on Bass, it was a great sound !

The best live concert I ever attended was Bruce Springsteen at Roundhay Park Leeds in the mid eighties. He came on stage & played for 2 hours at the end of which they took a break & left you thinking what else can he come up with ?? The answer was another 2 hours !! They were also joined that day by Miami Steve, so I got to see the whole line up !!

Running this gig a close second was the first time I ever saw Crowded House play at Bradford, a concert that was recorded for radio.
They were on top form that night, antics included throwing beer up to the third tier balconies & shorting the mixing desk ! The drummer leaving the stage in a hissy fit !! Been joined by Tim Finn for Weather with you & Chocolate cake. They had such an effect on me that the next time they toured we saw them in Manchester Sheffield & the Olympia in Paris !!

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ass2006 said...

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