Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Back, with a few new experiences from my sojourn across the chardonnay lakes of New Zealand.

I didn't quite break the record for wine consumption but hell, I gave it my best shot. Things not to do when intoxicated; pick up the phone & try to call family & long lost friends... I will regret this when the bill arrives. Besides, operating a touch phone when " Tired & emotional " is impossible.

We had a medical alert on Wednesday. A cut on my daughters right hand had severed the tendon & nerve making it impossible for her to bend the thumb.Next day she underwent two & a half hours of surgery with a general anesthetic. She is now back at school,enjoying been the centre of attention, getting her cast signed.

On Saturday we had the general election........ Sorry I fell asleep. No result as yet until overseas & out of town votes are counted, which will be by Oct 01. In a nation of 4 million every vote is sacred ( Sounds like a Monty Python Song ).

The picture represents what I did for most of the week. Recording vocal tracks for a new project.By the way..... CONGRATULATIONS to the England cricket team !! Well done guys, as a Kiwi it is always good to see Australia loose.

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