Thursday, August 25, 2005


I spent last night inspecting my daughters new school which she will be attending in January. It was quite an eye opener. In his welcoming address the Principal said something that really resonated with me and I quote..

" We are educating your children to do jobs many of which have not even been invented yet ".

We saw courses where the children develop their own products & market them, traditional lessons with English, Maths Science etc as well as a television studio where the kids produce a daily TV show that is broadcast around the school, computers in every classroom, as well as a Technology suite, Music & Art rooms.

I was left with the feeling that if school was as good as this when I attended it would have been great. I also came away with the feeling that for the next 2 years Caits will be exposed to a whole new culture that will push & challenge her in the best possible way. Now I just need to get past the Red School uniform thing & I will be O.K.

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