Thursday, June 30, 2005


No apologies for the lack of updates this week I have been away from my desk suffering from another stinking cold.

Well the first test is over & the Lion’s turned out to be Pussy’s as they got a real slap from the All Black’s. It was a great display of fire power by our team where we beat them at every phase of the game. If I was a Lion’s fan I would have asked for my money back on Saturday night as they were so woeful.

I watched TV last night, something I don’t do too often; I guess we were the last country in the English speaking world to air ‘Lost’. Gee, I wish they’d lost the tapes. The impression I got was that it was X files on an Island,we all know how tedious X files became. Look forward to not watching its descent in to formula. Another thing ; the lead character who is a doctor with a No2 crop haircut, how come it never grows!Can anyone come up with a theory for that ?

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