Thursday, June 16, 2005


We had a visit today from four of the All Blacks
(We are the major sponsor of their test series against The British & Irish Lions).

Check the Unconditional link on this Blog.

I got to shake the hand of Tana Umaga the All Blacks captain, I wonder if he will wash his hand ever again?

I have to think about writing music & opening up my studio as I have not written a note for 3 months.Three MONTHS!
It is the longest I have gone in the last 10 years without working on some piece of music.
But to be honest I have been busy and have not really been inspired to finish current pieces or begin new ones.

The problem is one of inspiration, in order to write music or lyrics I need some new experiences. Usually the temperate months provide this, in the form of bush walks & beaches. Add some people watching at the cafes dotted around & the recipe is complete. These darker winter months reduce these activities somewhat, you do not get too inspired walking through NZ rainstorms believe me. Although you should try it barefoot at least once. You will get very wet.

Listening to

Headless Chickens
Fiona McDonald

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