Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Spent the last few days looking at houses, none of them really fit in to what In want. As always time is running out but I refuse to allow it to bother me. I will find what I want & get moved within the next 3 weeks.I have had to close down any thoughts of writing music until I have moved. Just can’t seem top focus on any thing creative until this house has been vacated & I am set up in my new place.

It was great to watch New Zealand win the Sevens trophy at the weekend that makes it 3 on the trot in this current contest, I thought we were looking good for the World Championship in Hong Kong until I saw the list of injuries after this weekends games !!

Also it is not long before the Super 12 starts up for a new season, pulling me away from watching the Blues to update this Blog will not be easy !!!!!!

Another happy event was Ellen Macarthur's completion of her solo round the world voyage, She came home one day ahead of the previous attempt ! Good on her !!!

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