Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Tsunami toll tops 155,000
The death toll from last week's quake and Indian Ocean tsunamis stands at more than 155,000, after Indonesia raises its tally to 94,000.U.N. officials say the world is coming together in a way that has probably never been seen before.

Holidays over & back to pick up the loose ends at work that have been left lying around since 31/12. Mostly freight delays caused by the Tsunami as well as strikes & other demands for space on flights.

It was good to hear that my company will make a corporate donation to the Tsunami fund, as well as the money we have raised as employees across the world. It is the aftermath of this awful disaster that is going to be the telling time. The use of the aid money raised, coupled with enough speed to prevent disease will be crucial.

The recovery of the economies of affected Nations will also be important, land & freshwater supplies will be useless for anything in the short term. Nations of the world will have to act quickly to prevent an even greater humanitarian disaster than we already have.

Been listening to :

Shihad " Alive"
Snow Patrol " Chocolate"
Hothouse Flowers " I can See Clearly"
Rain Tree Crow "Every colour you are "
Jaco Pastorius " Donna Lee "
Bill Nelson " New Moon Rising "
The Feelers " The Fear "

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