Wednesday, December 29, 2004

So long 2004

2004 The Year

Favourite Drink: Vodka, Chardonnay.

Places: Kare Kare Beach, Auckland Museum, Heritage Trail, Henderson Wave Pool.

Food: Anything BBQ'd, Salmon, Steak,

Books: Jaco ( Biography of bass Player Jaco Pastorious ), Second Coming Of Steve Jobs, Ambient Jack Womack,

Music: Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, U2, Shihad, The Feelers.

What 2004 meant to me.....

Bush & Kerry, Bombs in Madrid , Mars Rover, Martha Stewart, Iraq, Marlon Brando, Athens, Beslan School, Spaceship One, Ken Bigley, Afghanistan,John Peel,Christopher Reeve, Sarah Ulmer, Georgina & Caroline Evers Swindell , Hamish Carter, All Blacks, Black Caps, SilverFerns, Peter Jackson, Tsunami, Michael Moore, Rodney Dangerfield, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bro Town, The Simpsons, Bruce Sterling, Kevin Smith, Hubble demise, iPOD, Steve Jobs, Hikoi,Halo2,.................................


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