Sunday, December 12, 2004


Another weekend with the children over, Work is here again to fill up my Monday & I am ambivalent about it all. Must be the time of year or the season. I sometimes miss the cold & snow at Xmas time. However eating outside in the sun on Christmas day does have its compensations…...
I am currently working on some new musical idea’s & have hit the dreaded writers block, feels like I have nothing left to say that is new. It will pass, it always does. At times like these it pays to begin something else, in an effort to distract your attention away, from what you are supposed to be thinking about. A good plan is to spend the next few weeks just taking walks with the micro cassette & recording natural sounds for inclusion in future projects. Another alternative is to set up my synth & work directly from the keyboard rather than guitar, even if these noodles go nowhere usually something can be used later as a sample or loop. There is also a third way & that is to use Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategy cards, sometimes they work simply by directing you down a different path of thought or action, check them out here

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